Digital Services

Digital Services The digital marketing landscape has changed significantly over the past ten years. As technology advances, people are using different platforms to find information about your business and connect with you in new ways – whether they’re on a computer or mobile device. Connecting People & Brands Together is focused around meeting Journey customer needs by designing strategies that fit their lifestyle; we use both physically-focused techniques like print materials as well online advertising campaigns so clients can be seen at all times of day when consumers want them most.
Social Media Marketing, Reach Your Ideal Customer
Build your business’s online reputation and establish credibility with customers by engaging in social media marketing (SMM). We at B7 Solutions Agency provide top quality SMM services for small businesses, enterprises and MNC's alike. Our expert team of specialists will help you create a winning strategy to market & promote through various platforms like Facebook®, Twitter® etc., so that people who are interested get aware about what exactly it is all about.
Google Ads, for your business
Invest in your future by investing today. You can't aford not to take advantage of this opportunity. The demand for paid search engine advertising is growing, and now more than ever it’s essential to invest in PPC or pay-per click. Customers use Google searches everyday so if your business isn't present at the top of their list they will never fnd you! With expert help navigating through all these complex SEO strategies can be difcult without an experienced digital marketing professional on board who knows what works best when ranking highly within major engines like google. A recent study by eMarketer shows 64% percent clicking on adverts while searching online which means there's lots of room left over just sitting unused. We are specializing in Google AdWords, Google Shopping Ads, remarketing, YouTube Ads, and the Google display network (GDN Ads).
Search Engine Optimization, Increase Organic Traffic
Your business needs a strong online presence to stay competitive. We are the only SEO company you need for all your web marketing goals! Our professional staf will work with clients from start-to -fnishing, developing strategies based on specifc needs and budgets while studying competitors in order achieve success through keyword targeting that grows their trafc exponentially over time.
Email marketing, The most successful channel
You know what really killed the cat? Email marketing. The most successful channel beat out social media, SEO and afliate programs in terms of ROI.
E commerce marketing
The world of ecommerce marketing is changing quickly. Check out these ecommerce marketing tips and our work to help you develop a winning strategy. Or you can use one of our experts.

How We Create an Efective e commerce marketing Strategy: Market research & analytics.

  • Building community.
  • Good user experience.
  • Using personalization.
  • Capitalize on user-generated content.
  • Building a loyalty program.
  • Investing in live chat.
  • Cater to the shopping cart.
  • Implement a responsive website design.
Personal Branding
When you conduct a Google search for your name, do you feel you're accurately represented? When you see items that mention you, are they true and fair, or have you been misquoted or misinterpreted? All this is no longer necessary to think about. You can now collaborate with some experts to strengthen and create your personal brand.
Media production
It is our goal to create the most engaging and creative production possible for every customer, which means you can be confdent in your scenes.

What We Ofer:

  • TV Production
  • TV commercial
  • Corporate video
  • Distribution
  • Events coverage
  • Post production
  • Video Motion 2D & 3D
  • Concept art
  • Online videos