Email Marketing

What is email marketing and how to use it to promote your services and products

  What is the best marketing equivalency to achieve high profits and lowly cost? Email marketing is the best marketing equivalency, so we wrote this blog to know what email marketing is  and how to achieve great ROI without high costs. We didn’t just do it, but we know everything about email marketing like: how to do email marketing strategy, best practices of email marketing and how to create campaigns. Let’s start our journey with email marketing…   

What is email marketing

the oldest marketing method and one of the most effective ways to help businesses grow. Through email marketing, you can promote your services and products. You can do it through an email marketing strategy and start the buyer’s journey, marketing funnel, and sales funnel. The biggest businesses and companies use it to promote services and products and events, so email marketing is a magical marketing way. Digital marketers use it to educate customers, create engagement content and sales copies.  

What is the importance of email marketing?

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Did you know that there are three times as many email accounts as there are on Twitter and Facebook combined? Did you know that email has a 6x higher click-through rate than Twitter? If you did not know today, write the article to know everything about email marketing. Get your favorite drink, get your attention to get valuable knowledge. The importance of email marketing for your business is that it makes customers aware of your product and service, engages them, and helps customers make buying decisions. it makes you regularly stay in touch with website customers. That happens through email funnels in your digital marketing strategies. The CTA in email makes customers more engaged with your content and offers, so be attentive when you write email copies.  

What are the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing? 

 has a lot of advantages, but now we focus on the most of them to achieve marketing goals and business objectives.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Create content personalized

Personalized content is more effective. You can accomplish this by following a few guidelines (segment target audience, send mail by person, write customer name if available).  

Build credibility

Customers buy services and products when they trust a seller or company ,so build trust first and sell.

Increase brand recognition

by email you can be aware of your brand. When you send informational emails and welcome mails, it is a good way to inform our customers about your business and your services.

Improve sales

Email marketing is a great way to increase sales, you can send product update emails and new offers to get more sales. Don’t forget to do it.

Get on more qualified leads

You can get more qualified leads through email when you make a sales funnel, it helps your business to achieve it.

Build strong relationships with customers

Engagement emails help your brand to build strong relationships.

Increase traffic to your website

You can send a newsletter for customers to see new products and categories. It’s a great way to improve traffic to your website.
Google Ads success
Google Ads success

Disadvantages of email marketing?

Email marketing has many disadvantages, but we talk about  popular disadvantages: 

Spamming mails

Many companies send a lot of emails. It hasn’t HTML best practices, so emails arrive only in the spam part.   

Emotional responses  

Some people are angry because main unuseful mails, so select the right audience.

Information overload 

Too many companies send many emails with too much information, it makes people have information overload, so be careful when you send information and be useful  and light.


A lot of people send email and don’t care what the best time to send mail is, it’s a waste of time because customers don’t read it.

Too long 

Don’t be your content mail, be it useful and light because customers don’t have much time to read all mails.

High competition 

 the oldest marketing way, so a lot of companies use it, it makes the competition high.

Design issues 

Different size of designs get more issues, we advise you hiring professional designer.

10 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns 

Email marketing has a lot of types, but your goal of marketing is to select  the perfect types.  
  • Thank you emails: it is the best way to  build relationships with your customer.
  1. Catalog emails: it is the best way to promote new Catalog.
Google Ads success
Google Ads success

What is the best time to send emails?

Time is one of the important  elements to create successful marketing campaigns. You should plan sending time and test many times to continue on effectively.  Based on Enginemailer website the infographic has The average daily email opens.                      

20 best practices of email marketing

Best practices of email marketing helps companies and businesses to achieve marketing goals and  grow the ROI.
  1. Send welcome emails.
  2. Don’t purchase contact lists.
  3. Personalized emails.
  4. Write casual and conversational emails.
  5. Keep emails brief.
  6. Review your text before sending.
  7. Make the email included CTA.
  8. Perfect the subject line.
  9. A/B test your content.
  10. Use audience segmentation. 
  11. Optimize for mobile.
  12. Set a consistent cadence.
  13. Uses lead magnet to subscription.
  14. Regularly clear  your email lists.
  15.    Make it easy to unsubscribe.
  16. Use analytics to improve your email strategy.
  17. Include  your business logo.
  18. Use auto-responders.
  19. Close tie emails to lending pages.
  20. Test headlines of emails.

What is the buyer’s journey of email marketing?

The big success come through planning, so if you need to achieve more benefits  from email write content of emails based on Buyer’s journey, it has 3 stages:  The first stage: the awareness stage where you should send welcome emails and educational emails. The second stage: the Consideration stage where you should send informational emails. The third stage: the consideration stage where you should send offers and products emails, to close deals.

How to create a strategy for email marketing?

There are More than 4 billion email accounts in the world, it’s a big number needed to plan and strategy.  strategy has main and important elements  it’s:
  • Set goals of email campaigns.
  • Determine your target audience.
  • Analyze your competitors.
  • Select the best practices.
  • Choose the Types of emails.
  • Build your email lists. 
  • Make a schedule .
  • Prepare KPIs.
Google Ads success
Google Ads success

What are the best tools of email marketing?

Implementing email strategies is the best tool to be successful and achieve goals. You should have a list of the best tools open your doc and notes the next words:


it effectives marketing ways to B2C and B2C companies, your marketing team should use it to promote your service or product.  If you can’t create an email marketing strategy to achieve your business objective and digital marketing goals, but you know the importance of email marketing, contact us now and be trustworthy Our digital marketing team has experience to help your business to reach the right target audience and get quality leads. Quality leads make the business grow and succeed.    Order our services NOW and get more success for your business: