Google Ads success

Google Ads success

10 top blogs to follow for Google Ads success

Learn from the best in the industry  Google Ads success For anyone looking to make their mark in the digital advertising world, Google Ads is an essential part of success! To maximize your abilities, it helps to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends related to this expansive platform. The best way to do that? Take a gander at our list of top 10 blogs tailored specifically for all things Google Ads – dive into author expertise as we highlight why these sites stand out from others while also recommending some stellar posts! So grab yourself a cup o’joe, ’cause reading time has begun! Top 10 Google Ads Blogs!
Google Ads success
Google Ads success
Google Ads Blog Get authoritative advice from the source itself with Google Ads blog! Everything you need to know about using Google and YouTube advertising is expertly provided in one reliable place. Learn cutting-edge strategies for maximizing your ad campaigns today. The Google Ads blog is a must-read for digital marketers utilizing PPC, not only providing an insight into the latest trends from Google but also allowing you to stay up-to-date with their products and developments. Recently we have seen them focus more on video ads – so if you’re looking to incorporate this in your campaigns then it’s time that may be well spent trawling these pages. In addition, those who use Google Marketing Platform will find invaluable advice about new features as well as how best to utilize them in order determine successful outcomes of your own campaigns. Keep notified via notifications when there are upcoming posts. Google Ads success Recommended Reading: Gathering Insights in Analytics can be as easy as A-B-C Google Ads success
Google Ads success

Google Ads Developer Blog

Discover the power of Google Advertising Platform’s developer tools with the official blog from staff at Google. You’ll find all you need to stay up-to-date on API information, support and updates for cutting edge features that could have a major impact on your system availability. Google Ads success Google Ads success

The WordStream Blog

Wordstream is a powerhouse in the PPC marketing world. Their innovative software aids small and medium-sized businesses to take control of their Google Ads campaigns, optimizing ad spend for maximum profitability. With content covering topics from improved ad copywriting to social media strategies or video ads tactics – you can rest assured that Wordstream provides an authoritative source on all things related to digital advertising. Google Ads success Recommended Reading: 24 Clickable Banner Ads Examples (And Why They Work) 31 Must-Know YouTube Statistics (+Insights!) for 2020 How to Layer Audiences and Keywords to Uncover Cheaper Clicks


At B7, we’re experts in performance marketing and software strategies. Our blog is our platform to share what we’ve learned over the years – insights gathered through hands-on experience that can help other marketers succeed more quickly with their digital campaigns. Through our content, readers get access to tactical advice they need while gaining deeper understanding of Google Ads from a team who has achieved tremendous results for its clients. We’re passionate about helping others unlock growth opportunities online. Recommended Reading: OUR BLOGS LINKS  Google Ads success

Hubspot Blog

HubSpot is an industry leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software, and they have a ton to offer businesses interested in providing their customers with exceptional experiences. With resources that cover topics ranging from SEO optimization to account-based sales, HubSpot demonstrates its commitment as one of the largest SaaS companies within USA markets. Thanks to this blog’s comprehensive coverage – there truly isn’t a better source for expanding your B2B business knowledge. Recommended Reading: 6 Underused CTAs to Include in Your Email Marketing 5 Steps to Create an Outstanding Marketing Plan [Free Templates] The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Strategies & How to Improve Your Digital Presence

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is a go-to destination for digital marketers of all levels. It provides up to date news, insightful guest posts from experts in the industry, and unique online courses and workshops produced by Third Door Media – perfect for those wanting to advance their knowledge or boost their careers. Search Engine Land is the perfect destination for marketers looking to stay on top of their game. By combining content from a variety of sources into one feed, they create an expansive library offering up-to-date information spanning topics like Google Ads and Shopping as well as Local Search. There’s new material each day too, courtesy of its ever-growing network of contributors. Recommended Reading: How to Optimize Paid Search and Amazon Campaigns for Seasonality Success Google’s John Mueller on Intent Research vs Keyword Research Google Ads success
Google Ads success
Google Ads success

Ad Espresso Blog

Ad Espresso takes the hassle out of digital marketing, providing automation to help you get your Facebook ads up and running with ease. But that’s not all – their blog is also a great source for PPC tips backed by expertise on everything from creating successful campaigns to analyzing results. Learn how Ad Espresso can transform advertising into an enjoyable experience. Ad Espresso’s blog stands out for its enjoyable readability and engaging visuals. With helpful formatting, readers are guided through the page with ease – no tiresome walls of text here! Interested readers can easily find articles that fit their area of expertise thanks to Ad Espresso’s well-crafted search bar. So why is it one of the best? Its impressive quality content seals the deal as a top Google Ads Blog. Google Ads success Recommended Reading: 5 Winning Strategies to Get a Better Return on Ad Spend on Facebook and Google 6 Food Subscription Box Marketing Tactics that Any Business Can Use What is ROAS? How to Maximize Your Return on Ad Spending  

PPC Protect

Google Ads success PPC Protect is making waves in the digital marketing space with their innovative analytics tool designed to stop fraudulent clicks on PPC campaigns. Using cutting-edge analytic technology, it captures data from clickers and cross references it with a blacklist of known fraudsters before blocking them through your Google Ads account – giving marketers peace of mind that their investment isn’t going down the drain. PPC Protect is the go-to source for the most comprehensive, understandable and innovatively presented Google Ads information. With consistent cartoon Viking motifs sprinkled throughout their blog posts, readers can be sure of a unique experience as they learn new tips to help optimize campaigns. Every article comes with customized graphics that make each piece informative yet visually interesting – perfect for picking up fresh insights or brushing up on existing knowledge quickly! By combining quality content with a distinctly whimsical style, PPC Protect’s approach helps bring light heartedness into marketing strategies while keeping no corners cut in terms of accuracy and value. Google Ads success   Recommended Reading:   101 Google Ads Scripts to Improve Your PPC Ads Performance Google Ads success

Optmyzr Blog

Optmyzr is the go-to tool for creating more success with Google Ads campaigns! It gives users powerful insights and strategies to take their ad copy to the next level, giving them a higher return on investment while saving time. With Optmyzr’s blog filled with expert advice and tips, advertisers are sure to step up their game in no time. Optmyzr is the perfect blend of useful and unique. Although it doesn’t show up in our feeds as often, we’re always sure to get valuable insights from Optmyzr’s posts that can turn into exciting new campaigns or solutions for marketing goals. Google Ads success Recommended Reading: Google Responsive Search Ads: What You Really Need to Know Which Bid Adjustments Work with My Strategy on Google Ads Chatbots as a Conversion Rate Optimization Tool 5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Quality Score

Unbounce Blog

Unbounce is the go-to source for digital marketers looking to optimize their landing pages, conversion rates and Google Ads strategies. Not only do they provide exceptional software tools needed in today’s marketing world but an insightful blog with first-rate content: headlines that grab attention, quality writing, eye-catching visuals plus a design layout optimized for user experience – something any marketer can appreciate. Google Ads success Recommended Reading: How to Write the Best Google Ads Copy (Best Practices) Data-Driven Ways to Choose Effective CTAs for Your Display Ads Google Adwords Competitor Targeting: What You Need to Know Before Starting Google Ads success Upping your PPC game has never been easier! We’ve curated the top ten Google Ads blogs to keep you in-the-know on all of the constantly evolving industry trends. So, don’t just read our list; leverage these valuable resources and optimize those campaigns for real results. If you’re looking for extra insight, then book an intro call with one of today’s leading SaaS PPC agencies – it’s time to take digital marketing success into your own hands.