What is search engine marketing

What is search engine marketing (SEM) and what is the importance of for business?

Do you need to get immediate results, and you heard that SM can help to achieve them? In this blog we told you what SEM is, who does work and the best practices to achieve great ROI. Let’s start
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What is search engine marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing(SEM) is one form of promotion and advertising to help companies’ content rank faster than search engine optimization (SEO). SEM likes paid campaigns, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and any search engine. It helps companies have visibility on search engines to achieve objectives and business and marketing goals.

What Is the Difference Between Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine marketing prefers paid search marketing, while SEO prefers organic traffic. The best way to use it for your business is to use SEM in the short term as an objective and use SEO in the long term. A lot of companies use it with us to achieve more success, so we advise you to use them at the same time to get the best results in the long term and the short term.  
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SEO’s main elements were:

  • SEO on page
  • page optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

On the other hand, SEM has a key component:

  • placing relevant ads.
  • Google ad rank.
  • Understanding the rank and position of ads
  • Running Cohesive Campaigns
Finally, SEO and SEM are very important for any business and any project, so use them.
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What are the benefits of SEM?

SEM is essential for any business, because you can reach the correct target audience in a short time, to see the content of companies and generate expected results. SEM has many benefits for your business. Now we know the seven benefits of SEM.

7 benefits of SEM

Of course, SEM has more than 7 benefits, but we will write about the most important 7 benefits now:
  1. You know more about your target audience.
  2. Get more leads in a short time.
  3. It raises brand awareness of your brand.
  4. More traffic for your business website.
  5. Fast visibility
  6. Pay only when there is action.
  7. Compete with competitors for search queries.
So, SEM is necessary for every business to grow fast.
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How does search engine marketing (SEM) work?

  SEM should be fundamental to our online marketing strategy, so we talk about how it works. For example, search engine marketing works in different ways based on marketing goals. Pay Per Click (PPC) means paying when customers click on your ads. There is another way  it is pay per impression(CPI). You pay per impression. It is a wonderful way to grow your brand awareness and make your brand known in the market and to achieve business objectives.

How to create a search engine marketing strategy?

You can get normal results without a strategy, but with a strategy you can get amazing results ,so we will talk about the main elements of SEM strategy.

1-Goals optimization

If you don’t know where you’re going, every road will take you there. So you should select your goals to use the best tactics and practices to achieve them in the best ways.

2- Understand your audience 

Your knowledge to the audience it’s so important  to know their needs and work to present it through your services or products. It helps to write the best content and topics that are very meaningful for your customer and make your customer engage with it. 

3- cover main topics 

Every industry has main and important topics, so your business website should cover it in amazing and easy ways.

4-Use low-competition keywords

When you choose a keyword, you should avoid using low-competition keywords because it is difficult in the beginning to rank for these words ,so you should use low-competition keywords to rank for them in the beginning.

5-Create valuable content 

Customers like valuable content. It helps to solve their problems and answer their questions, so be careful when writing content and make it easy to read and valuable.

6-Establish your expertise in industry

Customer trust is based on expertise, so select the best industry expertise to solve problems of customer trust in your service or products.

7-Build a solid website structure

Do you have a solid website structure? If your answer is no, move now and build a solid website structure to make the customer’s journey easier and more useful.

8-Use the best tools.

When you build a strategy, select the best tools that help implement your steps in the best ways.

9-Analysis of your date

So analyze your data every period to know what the best keyword is and what the best way is to help your business.

10-Measure your results 

Set KPIs to measure your effort and results and let you know if you are working the best way or not.  
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What are the intents keywords? 

SEM has important elements. One of the most important elements is its Keyword, because it’s important to target the intent of customers. We can segment keyword intent to 4 intents:
  • Informational keywords: searchers looking for information to get answers for your quotations, for example ( How to promote our services?)
  • Commercial keywords: searchers looking for service or products to buy, for example ( marketing services)
  • Transactional keywords: searcher looking to investigate brands or services, for example( what the best digital marketing agencies in Egypt) 
  • Navigational Keywords:  searchers looking for specific brand or agency, for example (B7 Solution agency) 
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What are the best websites to find the best keywords?

If you need to get the best keyword, you should use the best keyword tools. We present 10 keyword websites that help find the best keyword:
  2. MOZ.
  3. Keyword planner
  4. KW Finder.
  5. AhrefS  keyword explorer.
  6. Majestic
  7. keyword tool.
  8. Google trend
  9. Growthbar
  10. Term explorer
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What are the best practices for SEM?

SEM has many daily practices, but we present the best practises of SEM that help to achieve your business website goals.
  • Define your business goals.
  • Create a SEM strategy.
  • Invest in pay per click (PPC).
  • It delivers value across the decision journey.
  • Expand your marketing funnel.
  • Take the target audience to the next level.


SEM is an important part of an online marketing strategy, so be careful when implementing your SEM strategy. If you need to generate more profits, call us and our digital marketing team will help your business grow through our SEM services. search engine marketing

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